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  • J.H&F Merino V-neck Woman Navy XS
  • J.H&F Merino V-neck Woman Dark Grey melange S
  • J.H&F Merino V-neck Woman Lt Greymel XS
  • J.H&F Merino V-neck Woman Black XXXL

Prijs- en productinformatie

We mixed extra-fine Wool/ Cotton yarn to get an all-season garment and benefits from 2 natural fibers. To keep up our responsibel work as a brand, we made the wool with RWS certification, and the long staple- cotton carefully selected from certified US. Pima cotton..The garment will be hangtagged with RWS. In adition we made it perform TOTAL EASY care, meaning u can treat in in the washing machine and even Tumbly dry it, if needed. have in mind this is a Merino garment, and have benefits of not needing to be washed so ofter, simply air it out when needed.
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Artikelnummer 2930103-600-3
Merk J.Harvest & Frost
Maat XS
Materiaal 70% RWS merino wool- 30% long staple Pima cotton
Kleur Navy